15 of the most relaxing towns from coast to coast

Photo by Willowtreehouse/Shutterstock

Modern life is kind of hellish. From work to friends to family to calls to texts to emails to tweets to friend requests to everything else, a year in the rat race we call civilization seems like it should be followed by three months in the spa. That’s obviously never going to happen, but maybe you’ll be able to get out to one of our relaxing destinations at some point.


Jackson, Wyoming

If there’s any town on here that’s for the outdoorsy family, it’s Jackson (in the county of Jackson Hole, a better-known name). Yellowstone, the Grand Teton National Park, and the National Elk Refuge are just a few of the amazing landscapes ready to be explored in Jackson. The town also loves to have fun outside, which will be clear when you see the music and art festivals held year round.

Photo by WitGorski/Shutterstock