7 of the best nude beaches in Canada


Wreck Beach, Pacific Spirit Regional Park – Vancouver, British Columbia

The grandfather of clothing-optional beaches in Canada—and the only one besides Toronto’s Hanlan Point where nudity is actually legal—Wreck Beach is North America’s longest naturist beach and the busiest beach in Canada. There are limited facilities, though—portable toilets, but no running water—so bring you might want to bring your own water. And, of course, sunscreen. Lots and lots of sunscreen.

If you’re curious about going clothing-free, but feeling shy, just remember: the same etiquette applies as at a regular beach. Don’t stare, don’t take pictures of strangers, and make sure you clean up after yourself. Also, be aware that if you’re clothed in a clothing-optional section, you’ll likely end up feeling like the odd one out, so you may as well relax and join in. Just make sure you put sunscreen everywhere.

Photo by Josef Hanus / Shutterstock