15 ways to beat the winter blues

family by a winter landscape
Photo by Yuganov Konstantin / Shutterstock

Let’s face it—once the holidays are over, winter can feel like a drag. It’s cold, it’s dark, the days barely feel like they’re getting longer, and summer seems so far away. But fear not, the days of sunny long weekends are almost upon us and waiting for summer doesn’t have to mean hunkering down to binge watch TV shows for six months. (Though when the weather is bad, it’s a perfectly acceptable course of action.) Here are 15 ways to fight back against the winter blues and maybe even enjoy the colder season.


Appreciate blue skies

A clear sky on a bitterly cold winter day is unlike any other view you’ll get the rest of the year—hazy summer afternoons simply can’t compete with the crisp, blinding blue of a sunny winter’s sky against the crystallized white snow. Break out your sunnies and revel in the warmth!



Photo by Chaykovsky Igor / Shutterstock