15 things other nations love about Canada

Photo by Charline LECHAILLER / Shutterstock

Canada has often been rated one of the most loved countries in the world. People tend to feel this way because we are known to be friendly and funny (intentionally or not), we have an expansive and diverse nation with a lush natural environment, and we produce internationally recognized people and products. Here in Canada, we know that our country is pretty great, but here’s why other nations love us, too.


We’re really sorry, even if you run into us

It has happened to any true Canadian: you’re walking along, someone runs into you, and you find yourself saying “sorry”—even when you’re not sure why. The apologetic Canadian is a fairly accurate stereotype. But you’ve ever travelled to another country and experienced someone step on your foot, nudge you out of the way, or cut in line without batting an eye, you realize that the Canadian way is much more attractive than the alternative.

Photo by s_karau/Shutterstock