15 things most Canadians don’t know about their own country

Photo by udra11/Shutterstock

You probably already know that Canada’s national sport is lacrosse, not hockey. And that we’re home to the most northerly permanent settlement (Alert, Nunavut). But how about the fact that we built the world’s first UFO landing pad? Or that Iceland wanted to adopt the loonie? Here are 15 things that many Canadians don’t even know about their home and native land.


Our tallest waterfall isn’t the horseshoe

Niagara Falls may get all the glory (and rightfully so, as it is spectacular and breathtaking) but if you’re into waterfalls for their  height, Niagara leaves something to be desires. The highest waterfall in Canada is in British Columbia’s Strathacona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island. Della Falls stands 440 metres, which is more than eight times the height of the Niagara Falls.


Photo by Alexander Demyanenko / Shutterstock