15 pro tips for winter driving rookies

keep your lights on
Photo by welcomia/Shutterstock

If you live anywhere that experiences winter, you know that driving in snowy, icy conditions requires a certain know-how. And, while experience is often the best teacher, knowing a few things about winter driving in advance is probably a better idea than figuring it out as you go.


Accelerate and decelerate gently

AAA advises that winter drivers should accelerate and decelerate gently because snowy and icy road conditions can affect a vehicle’s traction. To ensure you have the best traction possible, a slow pulse on the accelerator and a gradual build-up of speed is recommended, as flooring it can cause a skid. The same idea holds for braking. Slowing down and stopping gradually is much safer than slamming on your brakes, no matter what the season.

Photo by JimAK_Photo/Shutterstock