15 of the best wineries in Canada


Norman Hardie, Wellington, Ontario

In the coldest wine region in Canada, Norman Hardie and his crew do painstaking work to ensure their vines make it through the winter. After each harvest, employees carefully bury the vines under the soil for frost protection, only to carefully unveil them again by hand in the spring. It seems to be working, and with the slogan that “summer’s work brings fall bounty,” Norman Hardie has been awarded some of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the world—varieties that typically do well in cool climates. Hardie is a former Four Seasons sommelier who has worked in some of the world’s greatest wine regions (South Africa, California, New Zealand), and decided that prime limestone and mineral-rich Wellington, Ontario land was where he wanted to start his personal mission. The barn-like facility and surrounding restaurant patio is a main attraction for the casual atmosphere, tasting bar, and wood-fired pizza oven. In October, the harvest parties start, and everyone is invited. More info: www.normanhardie.com

Photo by Elijah Lovkoff / Shutterstock