15 of the best wineries in Canada


L’Acadie Vineyards, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s wine country is separated into six regions, from the Northumberland Strait to the popular Annapolis Valley. L’Acadie Vineyards, a certified organic winery, sits in Gaspereau Valley, a sub-valley of the Annapolis within a two hour drive of Halifax. As with most of the country, the area is known for producing cool-climate whites, which really just means grapes that ripen at moderate sugar levels rather than those that thrive in the heats of say California or Argentina. L’Acadie (and Nova Scotia as a whole) specifically take pride in their sparkling whites, which are made in the “traditional method,” meaning they sparkling wines are fermented a certain way and produced in certain bottles—much the same way Champagne and Port have to come from certain methods and regions to be true to their namesake. The L’Acadie Blanc variety of sparkling that has emerged in Nova Scotia has been called “the future of sparkling wine.”

More info: www.lacadievineyards.ca

Photo by Art Babych / Shutterstock