15 of the best wineries in Canada


Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery, Amherstburg, Ontario

Sprucewood Shores in the Lake Erie North region looks like it was once a country summer home for Europe’s best and brightest. Another family owned and operated Canadian winery, this one was purchased as farm land and turned into a vineyard, which is becoming increasingly popular in the Prince Edward County, around Lake Erie, and in eastern regions of Quebec. Sprucewood has produced many award-winning vintages from their use of the vinifera vine—a vine variety that was encouraged by the Canadian government in the 1980s to prove that we could produce great-tasting 100 percent Canadian wine under the right conditions. A half hour drive from Windsor, Ontario, has Canada’s longest-growing season and “Carolinian” temperatures that allow full-bodied wines to come to fruition during the hot summer months. After making your way through local butchers and grocery stores to arrive at the Sprucewood villa, you can have a tasting on the patio, a tour of the winery, or purchase a a gourmet picnic basket to take for a self-guided trip to the lakeside. Winter events include holiday “soup-offs” and the option to taste “warm ‘n’ cozy” mulled wine.

More info: www.sprucewoodshores.com

Photo by Lukasz Szwaj / Shutterstock