15 of the best wineries in Canada


Sandbanks Estate Winery, Prince Edward County, Ontario

A wine revolution has started along the beautiful beaches of Prince Edward County. Named Ontario’s fastest-growing wine region, family-run farms are sprouting up every year in the region that wasn’t widely recognized for great wine production until less than 10 years ago. The small community south of Belleville, Ontario, and about 3 hours north-east of Toronto, has created a lighter, less pretentious wine-tasting experience, and can we just say, it’s about time. The area has a small-community feel, which is clear when you venture into the small artisanal cheese and local shops it has to offer. The county’s Sandbanks Estate Winery is one of the oldest in the region and is completely sustainable, using no herbicides or pesticides. The VQA award-winning boardwalk-beach-shop looking vineyard is complete with tables, umbrellas, and a picnic area and often invites the community to their events—pre-harvest parties, food truck fairs, and wine release parties, to name a few. Prince Edward County is a late bloomer to the wine game because of the colder climates, so this one should be saved for summer months when complimentary tours are offered at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m daily.

More info: www.sandbankswinery.com

Photo by dreamcatcher/Shutterstock