15 of the best mountain views in Canada

Photo by EB Adventure Photography / Shutterstock

From ocean vistas on three coasts to the vast expanses of the prairies, there’s something beautiful to look at no matter where you travel in Canada. But nothing quite compares—or is as dramatic—as the country’s mountains. And if you head to one of the regions below, the views are sure to take your breath away. 


The Okanagan

British Columbia has some of the world’s most amazing mountain views, and its riches sometimes feel endless. While not the grand spectacle of its larger brethren, the Okanagan offers some views that will take your breath, and Instagram bandwidth, away. Anarchist, Munson, Giant’s Head, Kobau, and the Okanagan Mountain itself are just a few of the Valley’s most spectacular hikes, complete with views that stretch as far as Washington state.

Photo by Max Lindenthaler / Shutterstock