15 of Canada’s most unique beaches


Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan

Location: Along Little Manitou Lake.

Size: The beach itself is very small, as Little Manitou Lake is approximately 22 km long.

What makes it unique: Referred to as “The Dead Sea of Canada,” the shallow waters of Manitou Beach provide a natural spa experience. With five times more salt than the ocean, the buoyancy of the water is said to relieve tension and pain in people who suffer from arthritis or other chronic body pain. Therapeutic minerals in the water include magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, silica, and sulphur.

Fun fact: The lake’s high salt content exists because there is no outward flow. The lake was created by melted glaciers and is considered terminal (meaning there is no flow to other bodies of water), allowing the salty principles to rest in the water.


Photo by Amelia Martin / Shutterstock