15 of Canada’s most unique beaches


Brady’s Beach, Bamfield, British Columbia

Location: Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim National Park.

Size: Bamfield is small, with a population of approximately 200 people. The beach is a secluded stretch of hard-packed sand, greenery, and rocks.

What makes it unique: Seclusion. The beach is only accessible by ferry, float plane, a 90-km drive down an unpaved logging road or a week-long hike followed by a $5 water-taxi ride across the inlet. With no cafe, chain hotel, Starbucks or McDonald’s nearby, Brady Beach has been compared to the secluded and dreamy landscapes offered in far-off destinations like Thailand.

Fun/not-so-fun fact: Apparently investors have been circling the area with ideas to support tourism, so you’ll want to head there soon if you’re hoping to beat the masses.


Photo by poemnist/Shutterstock