15 of Canada’s most unique beaches


Wreck Beach, British Columbia

Location: Near the University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver.

Size: Approximately 8 kilometre.

What makes it unique: It’s hippie paradise. With a rich and vibrant hippie culture, it’s no surprise that the West Coast is home to Canada’s largest and first legal clothing-optional beach. That’s right, a totally nude beach. Good vibes at Wreck Beach date back to the ’70s.

Fun fact: At the moment, the beach has a community and student atmosphere that involves no overseeing security or police force. Not so fun: With a history of technically-illegal-but-nobody-is-paying-attention activities (drinking, smoking, bonfires, recreational drug use), the RCMP has recently voiced interest in setting up a police tent, a move regulars are saying goes against everything the beach stands for.

Photo by Josef Hanus / Shutterstock