15 of Canada’s most unique beaches


Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Location: North of Toronto on the southern shores of Georgian Bay.

Size: 14 kilometres of sandy beach.

What makes it unique: It’s tough to call Wasaga Beach unique when it’s arguably the most popular beach in Ontario. But Wasaga Beach truly is unique for some very fundamental reasons: a) The stretch of Wasaga along the Georgian Bay is the longest freshwater beach in the world; b) Wasaga Beach is Canada’s closest version of an American-style beach city. The heavily populated, teen and 20-something party area of Beach 1 can have a Jersey Shore feel and has a boardwalk that includes bars, tattoo parlours, car shows, clothing stores, go karts, paintball, and often a midway set-up.

Fun fact: If you aren’t feeling the glitz and glamour of Beach 1, Wasaga is separated into eight areas of beach that become more secluded as you get farther away. Start at Beach 5 and work your way toward Beach 8 if you’re looking for a more private, naturally textured beach to yourself.


Photo by SF photo / Shutterstock