15 of Canada’s most unique beaches

Photo by Nalidsa/Shutterstock

With Canada Day just behind us and summer finally here, it’s time to celebrate the natural beauty at our fingertips. It’s easy for outsiders to forget our home and native land has amazing summer venues to compliment our epic winters. But with multiple ocean coasts and some of the world’s best freshwater lakes, it’s a shame not to think of Canada as the perfect place to lay on the beach this time of year, especially when the country is home to beaches as unique as the ones below.


Bennett Beach, Carcross, Yukon

Location: Along Bennett Lake, which straddles the British Columbia-Yukon border.

Size: 2 kilometres of soft, white sand.

What makes it unique: In the summer, the Yukon sees 20 hours of daylight and temperatures can reach above 30 degrees Celsius. While hanging out on Bennett Beach, visitors are graced with panoramic views of rugged, snow-capped coastal mountains.

Fun fact: The nearby Carcross Desert has been named the “World’s Smallest Desert” by Guinness World Records.


Photo by Mariemily Photos / Shutterstock