15 facts about mosquitoes that will make your skin crawl

Photo by Tacio Philip Sansonovski / Shutterstock

Mosquitoes are the price we pay for the glory of the good weather months. So, yeah, they’re annoying, but what else are they? What do you really know about mosquitoes other than how obnoxious they are when we’re on a hike or barbecuing with pals? Read on.


They’re the most dangerous insect on the planet

More dangerous than any animal, mosquito bites cause anywhere from 600,000 to one million human deaths per year. The female Anopheles mosquito is a particularly nasty specimen. They carry malaria, which infects 300 to 500 million people every year. Want to avoid that? Avoid standing water and stagnant temperatures, as they help to breed more and more of the bugs.

Photo by Jarun Ontakrai / Shutterstock