15 careers that are even better in rural Canada

Photo by Syda Productions / Shutterstock

With the average price for a detached house hovering just under the $1.2 million range in Toronto and (gulp) $1.8 million in Vancouver, it’s no wonder city folk are turning their eyes towards small towns where they can potentially afford a home. What keeps people chained to the city? Well, for many, there’s a perception that there just aren’t any jobs in rural areas—which, as we’ll see, isn’t true. Here are 10 great careers that are up for grabs across Canada.



The great advantage of rural living, besides lush landscapes, star-filled night skies, open spaces, simplicity (we could go on and on…), is cutting down on overhead. Artisans of all types may sell their wares to city dwellers looking to add unique pieces to their urban homes and lives, but the art itself can greatly benefit from being rural-based. Plus, what’s more inspiring than an absence of car horns, catcalls, and construction?

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