15 Canadian delicacies you have to try

Photo by gorkem demir / Shutterstock

From the Pacific to the Atlantic, and everything in between, Canada’s offers a variety of unique dishes—as diverse as the country’s landscape. Some recipes date back centuries and are rooted in the traditions of First Nations communities, while others are only decades old and have much more mysterious origins. With a wide range of sweet and savoury, there’s sure to be something to please your palate.



This deep-dish meat pie dates back the 17th century—a pre-Confederation Canada when Quebec was known as Lower Canada. It can be made with diced pork or beef, and often includes wild game. The meat is usually seasoned with allspice, cloves, and/or cinnamon. On the coast, fish is sometimes incorporated. For many French-Canadian families, tourtière is a Christmas tradition.

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