15 astonishing facts about wolverines

Photo by Zuzana Gabrielova / Shutterstock

If all you know about wolverines is related to 80s movies and Michigan football, strap in, because wolverines are mammals worth marvelling over. They look like tiny bears, they thrive in cold climates, and their claws gave Marvel an icon and Hugh Jackman a film career.


Baby wolverines are called kits

Baby wolverines aren’t pups, calves, or tadpoles. Rather, they’re referred to as kits, Female wolverines have litters of kits every two to three years. Gestation period is between 30 and 35 days, and the average litter of kits ranges from one to five. Interestingly, kits are fully white when they are born, in contrast to adult wolverines, which are dark brown.

Photo by Erik Mandre / Shutterstock