11 tips for painting like a pro

paint on a wall
Photo by Lyudmila Mikhailovskaya / Shutterstock

Thinking of tackling a DIY painting project this season? Before you start, get primed for the job with some of the best tips for making your paint job go smoother. What you paint (and in what colour) is up to you, but we’ll tell you how to choose the type of paint, how to prep different surfaces for painting, and techniques for getting the job done right.


Avoid fumes with natural paints

Tired of the fumes from the paint you’re using? Go with the natural varieties instead, such as mineral paint, milk paint, and chalk-style paint. These types of paint release no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or noxious vapours, which is especially handy for painting inside on rainy days and with the windows closed.  


Photo by IkeHayden/Shutterstock