10 loveable dog breeds that originated in Canada


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

No, this pooch isn’t collecting money from ducks. To “toll” means to attract prey by arousing their curiosity. The smallest retriever breed, Tollers entice game birds by romping and playing at the water’s edge, sparking curiosity from ducks and geese. Once the birds are close, the hunter rises from behind a blind, sending the birds into flight and gunshot range. Once a bird is shot down, the Toller runs into the water to retrieve it. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling dogs were originally developed in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, and are now the province’s official dog. Don’t depend on them as watchdogs, though: Tollers don’t have an aggressive bark, although they occasionally let loose with a high-pitched howl called the “Toller scream.” A true Canadian breed, this pupper is almost unknown outside the country.


Photo by studio vanDam / Shutterstock