10 loveable dog breeds that originated in Canada

Photo by Pandas/Shutterstock

Canadians are a dog-loving bunch: in 2016, approximately 41 per cent of Canadian households include at least one dog, with the total doggo and pupper population in the country reaching 7.6 million furry friends. And we’re surprisingly patriotic in our canine choices: of the 10 most popular dog breeds in 2016, the Labrador retriever, a breed with its roots in Canada, was ranked number one.


Valley Bulldog

Bulldog? Boxer? Both? The unique Valley Bulldog has a lot in common with the other denizens of the maritime region from which it originates: a mix of ancestry, with a proud pedigree that is uniquely East Coast Canadian. Named for the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, and occasionally known as a Bull-Boxer, these pups are as charming as the part of the country their from.

Photo by FoapAB/Shutterstock